August 29, 2011

Baby Q&A: Week 13

So, it seems it’s now my turn to continue our bloggy tradition of pregnancy-related Q&As, and I am more than happy to oblige. Although my day job makes it hard to blog regularly (clearly), I’m going to do my best to A) make these updates weekly, and B) not let my blog become ALL about the bambino.

This I solemnly vow to you. Or, you know, let’s see how things go.


So, you’re pregnant!
Um, yeah – I think we’ve covered that.

Oh, sorry. So…how far along are you?
I am 13 weeks today! Just at the very end of the first trimester. According to a variety of sources, our baby is about the size of a peach this week.

(I'd love to be the one assigning visual imagery to fetus size. "This week your baby is the size of a football, if it was deflated and rolled into a tiny coil!" Clearly I missed my calling.)

How have you been feeling?
I’ve been very lucky so far – although I’ve had kind of a mild, pervasive queasiness throughout the first trimester, it HAS been very mild, and I only threw up once. Otherwise, I’ve just been incredibly exhausted – I’ve been taking lots and lots of naps. (Often on the weekends I’d only wake up to eat.)

But, overall, I’ve been feeling pretty good! As my grandma said, "Pregnancy agrees with me." :)

Any cravings or aversions?
No cravings to speak of – certainly not the pickles-and-ice-cream combo that everyone seems to think is SO HILARIOUS. I don’t really like the smell of meat, although I haven’t had any problems eating it.

Actually, vegetables have been the only thing that have turned my stomach while I’m eating them. Obviously I can’t get away with not eating veggies, so there’s been many a time when I’ve forced myself to chew, chew, swallow, grimace my way through a plate of spinach or pile of green beans. Blech.

And…when are you due again? You started out saying March 5 and now your header just says “March.” What gives?
Yeah, apparently my due date depends on who you ask. My doctors have told us both March 1 and March 5, and they keep changing their minds. Pretty much every due date calculator we’ve tried says March 5, because my cycle tends to be 32 days instead of 28. We try to tell the doctors this, and some of them hear us and some don’t (they also say we’re measuring a little ahead of the March 5 date). So the “official” due date is March 1, but we think it’s a little later.

Do we really care this much? Um, no. (Although March 5 is T’s birthday—and my grandpa’s birthday—so that makes it kind of cool.) And the likelihood of the baby being born on its due date is slim anyway. It’s just annoying that the doctors can’t get on the same page and listen to us.

Anyway. This is why we’re just going with “March” at this point.

How does T feel about everything?
He would probably roll his eyes at my choice of words, but I would describe him as “over-the-moon excited.” I’ll go on and on about this more in a future post, but: For a man who’s never been around many little kids, he is just made to be a daddy. (Watching him play with my niece is just the best thing ever.)

As far as the actual pregnancy goes, he is incredibly doting and attentive to me, slightly overprotective (although he claims this is because I’m incredibly clumsy; there may be some truth to this) and completely involved. I think he knows more about pregnancy and childbirth than I do at this point (he’s a researcher). I could not ask for a better partner in all of this.

OK, let’s hit the top three questions everyone is asking you right now:

  1. Are you going to find out the gender? We’re still debating this, but we’ve pretty much decided we are NOT going to find out the gender until the baby’s born. As T says, “There are so few true surprises in life, and one of the big ones is being in the delivery room, and hearing the doctor say, ‘It’s a ____!’ Why would we deprive ourselves of that?” Well said, husband. I love the idea of finding out the same day we meet him or her. So far people are either really annoyed by this (as our neighbor said, “I need to know whether to buy regular camo or pink camo!” Oh, dear Lord…) or totally supportive.

  2. What names are you thinking about? So…that’s the other thing. Regardless of whether or not we find out the gender ahead of time, we will not be sharing our potential names. This is partly because we don’t want any negative comments from the peanut gallery (however well-meaning), and partly because we like the idea of keeping that as something that’s just ours until the day. I’m sure this will be another controversial decision, but it’s ours to make – so there.

  3. Why did you wait so long to have kids? Hoo boy. We are hearing this a lot right now. I will probably write more about this at a later time, but for right now I’ll just say two things: A) We are 34 and 36, not 50, and B) this baby is coming along at the exact right time for US. And we are incredibly happy, excited, thrilled and grateful for this blessing.

So…this is getting kind of long. How ‘bout you end this week by telling us a random fact about your pregnancy?
All righty then. Random fact: I found my first gray hair EVER during my 9th week of pregnancy. True story. You’d better believe I will lord that over our future child when he or she is old enough to tease about those things.

Just a final note: Thank you all for all your wonderful comments and for sharing our excitement the way you have been. I could not ask for a more supportive network, and I can’t wait to pick your mommy brains, both during this pregnancy and once the little (appropriately camouflaged) bundle arrives!

6 backtalk:

the grumbles said...

you will thank yourself in 7 months if you tell everyone except close family (ok, maybe them too) that your "due" date is march 15th. or mid-march. please, believe me. it will make your last month so much more lovely even though it sounds weird and possible deceitful.

kudos on maybe not finding out the sex! that would be such a wonderful surprise. i'm not sure i could hold out, but i can really see the charm in it.

tomatoes were the most repulsive thing of all time in my first trimester. BLECH.

Summer said...

I was SO hoping you would be doing these. Yay!

I love that you are waiting to find out sex (maybe). We've waited for all three and have not regretted it. Also, we learned the hard way to keep our names to ourselves. Good for you!

So excited to read your updates and watch you two grow into parenthood.


Shannon said...

very cute writeup!

we did find out the gender, but are saving the name until she is born for the same exact reasons as you.

except I had a weird pregnancy dream that I told everyone her name and my husband got mad. :)

keep writing about your journey! i'm definitely reading.

Sassytimes said...

I love baby/pregnancy updates. Do what's best for you guys...people ALWAYS have comments. Always.

We keep our names a secret too. We learned the hard way to do this. Isn't it funny how many people (even strangers) have opinions about YOUR baby?

...and 30s is NOT old. Wow. I can't believe people would ask you that.

Ky • said...


I loved reading every MINUTE of this.

Here are my comments:

1. I am so glad you're feeling well, save the veggies thing. But really, vegetables aren't all, "Hey - this is so great, I should eat seven pounds of them", you know? Boo for veggies. Take a vitamin. (Yes, I'm absolutely telling pregnant women to skip eating veggies throughout their entire pregnancy and just take a supplement.)

2. Yay for naps.

3. I feel that you know the actual due date. And I'm with the grumbles -- lie to EVERYONE and tell them it's March 15th so that when you're at the end, people aren't CONSTANTLY asking you a.) if you're ready to have the baby yet or b.) commenting that you "look like you're about to pop."


4. I've enjoyed your pregnancy excuses on twitter these days. Very comical and smile-inducing.

5. T. is awesome. Whether he's willing to own, "over the moon" or not is beside the point. We all know he is. And, I love that he's being over-protective.

6. Have the dogs acted any different around you? Ferg KNEW I was pregnant. She was on me like glue. An 8 lb. body guard.

7. I cannot WAIT to find out the gender of this baby and I'm so pleased that you're making us wait. Ditto for the name.

8. Love you. So happy for you! WEEEeeeee!

Iris Took said...

I don't feel like I have a lot to contribute here not being a mom or anything so just wanted to offer my support. Glad you are updating about this.

Exciting about waiting to find out the gender!

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