October 17, 2011

Miss Understanding

Our internet service was down all day Saturday.

Because we have internet-based phone service, that was out all day Saturday, too. But since we both have cell phones that worked perfectly well, we weren't really that concerned about it. Plus, we knew we could check our voicemail once the service came back on, AND our phone service offers a voicemail transcript email service as well. We were totally covered.

When the service was restored, we checked our voicemail and listened to this message from Tommy's dad, who was calling from the Virginia Tech football game:

"Hi Tommy, this is your daddy. I'm just giving you a call.

How 'bout those Cavaliers? How 'bout those Hokies?

Talk to you later. Bye, I love you. ...how do I close this thing?"

(That last bit was him figuring out how to hang up the cell phone. Hee.)

And when we received the email transcript of this missed message? Here is what THAT said:

"Hi Tommy, this is your daddy. I'm just giving you a call.

Will you go hear little ears for the oldies?

Talk to you later. Bye, I love you. Supposedly."


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Summer said...


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Trophy Life said...

BAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!! that is awesome. i want to leave messages and see how they are transcribed.

Supposedly! ha.

Dri said...

That is hilarious!!!!!

Ky • twopretzels.com said...

That's fantastic. I love the, "supposedly."

wrestling kitties said...


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