March 19, 2012

Baby Photo Party!

OK. So. It has been brought to my attention that, although I am sleep-deprived as are all newly-minted mamas, the very LEAST I can do is post some pictures of the wee bonny babe while I'm still desperately trying to find time to write out his birth story (and/or ANYTHING AT ALL).

(If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen these already, but be honest: Does it really matter? Hopefully not.)


Sleeping on mama

Look at the baby chub! Sigh. Love.



Lots of folks have asked me how the dogs have been with Jackson since we brought him home. This pretty much sums it up. They adore him. They LOVE to sniff him and give him tiny, gentle baby kisses, and they're very curious every time he makes a noise. (The baby monitor is of endless fascination.) Once, when Jackson was crying, Ozzie brought him his favorite toy: a battered old duck slipper. Shockingly this was not what Jackson was crying for, so it didn't stop the fussing, but we all agreed it was the thought that counted.


"Tummy time is hard-ass work, peoples."

I'd be lying if I said Jackson was super-jazzed about tummy time. But he's a trooper. And he is WAY into raising his head if he thinks it might get him fed faster.


"Mama's post-breakfast banter is B-O-R-I-N-G."


We call this "milk drunk."

He does this EVERY time he finishes eating. It makes me laugh EVERY time.


Our very own monkey man.

Probably the best picture we have of him with his eyes open. Do you not just want to eat him?



I mean. Is it any wonder I don't get anything done?


7 backtalk:

the grumbles said...

he is super duper smoooshably cute. you know how you tell everyone their babies are cute, but really you're just like meh it's a baby? yours is REEEEEAAAL cute. and smooshy. i want to sniff him.

Shannon said...

yes yes yes!!! i love itty bitty babies!

he's gorgeous.

Sarah said...

Okay, the last one made my ovaries explode. Seriously. I agree with Jamie, he is such a cute smooshy little dude. Love these. :)

Trophy Life said...

i wouldn't get anything done either! he's seriously too cute. as though i had any doubt that this would be the case, thank for posting photographic evidence of my correctness!! ; ) love you.

65 Roses for Marcia said...

Omg, the cuteness just radiate...he looks very edible! I can hardly stand it! Thanks for posting pics!

65 Roses for Marcia said...


Dri said...

He's perfect! I'm so glad you shared some pictures!!!!

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