June 1, 2012

An angel in a gray hoodie

I've been trying to take pictures of Jackson every morning before he goes to "school" (which is what I call his daycare -- whatever, it makes me feel better). I don't know how long I'll keep it up, but it's just a fun little tradition, along with singing songs on our drive to school (most of the time, it puts him to sleep. Success? Insult?).

It was chilly this morning, so he was rocking an especially cute gray hoodie. And as he was particularly chatty and perky this morning, my little daily pic ended up being one of my favorites so far, even if it's a tad blurry:

He's either trying to flip me off or contemplating the future of the universe.
Either way, it's pretty impressive for three months old.

And here, more blurs -- the boy never.stops.moving these days:

I love his hands on the one above. :)

Can I count this as his first wave?

At some point, I'll find time (somehow?) to blog about how amazing he is, how the last three months have been the best ever, how he's talking and cooing and laughing and, I swear, singing.

For now, just know: He is nothing short of a genius. Because of course he is.


3 backtalk:

Nadja Brocus said...

I'm glad you noticed the potential bird flip too.

How do you handle how cute his face is?

Mickey D. said...

What a doll face! He looks totally awesome, I'd hang out with him.

(I call it school, too. Much better than child care or babysitter. Everyone has to go to school, right?)

Kendra said...

He is so freakin' adorable!! I would just want to cuddle him all day long!!

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