June 13, 2012

Future CEO

Every so often, Jackson's "teachers" at daycare text me photos of the boy. I LOVE seeing what he's doing when he's away from me during the day.

Yesterday, apparently, he was leading a board meeting.

Glen, I'm glad I caught you. We really need to discuss the third-quarter earnings.

(By the way: The boy is now three months old, has been rolling over for a month, sits in his Bumbo and talks INCESSANTLY. [Not that I have any idea where he got that last one from.] In other words: STOP GROWING SO FAST, BABY. However, I'm OK with you doing our taxes.)

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Mickey D. said...

I love this photo! He means business. Don't tell him you'll TRY to get something done, it better be done.

However, I cannot figure out how he is sitting on this table. Is there a hole cut out in the middle? I'm completely baffled by the juxtaposition.

Written Permission said...

MD: His daycare has this semi-circle table with little high chair-like things built right into it around the outside curve of the table. So the teacher can sit in the middle of the semi-circle, have kids all around her and feed them all breakfast at the same time. :) So he's sitting in one of the little chairs in the table.

the grumbles said...

I love this. his face is hilarious.

Wendy said...

This photo cracks me up! So serious! And so big!

Amber said...

Great photo! He has big things in his future! Such an honest, intense face!

"You really think I should buy 600 shares of your stock? OK, I trust you! Here's all my money."


Wrestling Kitties said...

Oh my gosh, this photo is FANTASTIC!!! I could subtitle this photo for hours :)

Seriously, this boy means business :)

3 months?! SAY WHAT?!

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