April 12, 2011

Airport eavesdropping

Businessman 1: Hey, Al! How are sales? Heading to D.C.?

Businessman 2:
Yep! D.C. Sigh! Oh, man. Well, I'll talk to you later -- my gate's over here.

Businessman 1: Later, numbnuts.

(Lest you think these were young frat boy types, both of these men were well over 40 and wearing suits. I think one of them might have been wearing a pinky ring.)

I don't know whether I think this is hilarious or just deeply disturbing. Or sadly indicative of way things just ARE in Corporate America.

OK. Kind of hilarious.

But the pinky ring is just gross.

4 backtalk:

Trophy Life said...

using the word "numbnuts" was fine enough, but then you had to throw in the pinky ring. offensive names generally don't offend me....pinky rings, on the other hand, do.

wrestling kitties said...

Yeah, I was totally ok with numbnuts...I think that is funny! But a pinky ring, come on dude!

Iris Took said...

Too bad the world is full of that kind of behavior and we work in it as females.

Ky • twopretzels.com said...

This is the second time today that I nearly spit out my water while reading a blog. (I'm still laughing.)

This is fantastic.


Who says that?

What a douche.

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