September 8, 2011

Entertain me.

I don't have an iPad.

But my generous little brother is lending me his for a few upcoming business trips, so I can see how I dig it.

So, here's what I need from you experienced 'padders:

  • Which (preferably free) apps will keep me entertained on a six-hour flight to Seattle?

  • Which are your favorites?

  • Which ones are waaaaay over-hyped and not worth the time/money?

I like doodley-type apps, puzzle-type games, simple games like Angry Birds (which I do already have), word games, etc. But, I'm willing to give pretty much anything a look if you think it's a must-have.

Clue me in!

4 backtalk:

Abbe said...

i don't have an iPad, but why, why, WHY are you coming to seattle right.after.we.move.away???? the injustice of it all is killing me. (i'm a really fun lunch date.)

Wendy said...

I think you'd like "7 Words" - I think you'd be good at it. I'm kinda bad at it but it IS fun. "Bookworm" is also fun.

You could also get "Atomic Fart" - teehee.

"Fruit Ninja" is another fun one.

Written Permission said...

Abbe, I didn't even realize you lived there! Were you there in July?? I totally could have met you for lunch then, too! Boo... :(

Abbe said...

i've been here for the last 10 years... the last 10 julys! :) but not after saturday... the hubs and i are moving to goshen, indiana, to be near family, buy and house, and have babies. let me know if you need any seattle tips for your next trip! i heart my fair city and am always happy to share info.

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