September 23, 2009

Writing update

(So I'm thinking of posting writing updates every Monday, and I actually wrote this one on Monday, but I'm still figuring out this posting thing. So this one's a little late. Gimme a break, OK?)

I've finished my fourth story! Just one more to go. Woohoo!


I've heard some preliminary feedback that the stories are too long for the age range I was initially considering (agest 3-5) and probably even too cumbersome for K-2.

So now I'm left wondering how to proceed. I have four stories that I'm really happy with, but they may not be marketable. Do I change my approach entirely, go back to square one and rewrite the stories to more closely "match" an age range? Do I just keep going, do what I want and to hell with the publishers?

Right now I'm leaning toward a compromise. I like the stories the way they are, and since the first phase of this project is to just WRITE the stories for myself and my family, I'm going to keep them as-is. But, as an experiment, I'm going to try creating a 3-5ish version of one of the stories I've written so far. Just to see how it turns out.

Maybe I can create several different lines of the stories, for all different age ranges. :) And after that, I'll take over the WORLD!

OK, 'til next week...

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