August 16, 2010

Reason #402

T and I have different sleep schedules.

I go to bed before he does, and I get up before he does. It has been this way from time immemorial. It isn't a big deal to us.

But, as a result, we find ourselves leaving each other a lot of notes, reminding each other about errands we have to run, asking each other to feed the dogs, scolding each other for failing to get gas for the mower (I forgot to do that last one a record eight days in a row; oopsie).

And while I love these little notes, there are very few that warrant saving for the scrapbook. (We are, after all, usually writing them either as we're going to bed or immediately after waking up -- not the best time for wit.)

Last week, the ice maker in our fridge just...stopped working. And started making a scary-sounding clicking noise. We were without ice for about a week, debating the possible causes and theorizing about who one calls for a busted ice maker (plumber? electrician? Home Depot?) before it occurred to us that...maybe we just needed to change the filter.

(We aren't what you'd call savvy in the way of home appliance repair.)

Friday night, T was changing the filter as I headed to bed.

Saturday morning, I woke up to this note:


Fed and watered and walked the dogs. Can you PLEASE get gas for the mower today?

Love you.


P.S.: We now have more ice than King Tut!"


I love that man. :)

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Iris Took said...

I absolutely love notes! Writing notes, getting notes! So fun. It's not the same on an erasable board, I just like the handwritten notes (that go into the recycle bin).

Trophy Life said...

you GUYS are FUNNY!!

Running Chatter said...


wrestling kitties said...

That is adorable and hilarious! Love it!

We too have different sleep/ work schedules and don't get to talk to each other all the time about stuff but instead of leaving fun notes we bombard each other with text messages throughout the day asking/reminding each other what needs done. Dang technology!

Ky • said...

Lol. Love it.

My favorite part of this post? Your usage of: "from time immemorial".

I love you. I do.

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