June 29, 2010

Sometimes life is kind...

...and it lets the things that are tasty also be good for you.

Case in point, the avocado (good fats are awesome), red wine (relaxing and also good for the heart, thank you) and my latest obsession:

Bacon Alfredo Pizza

It's pizza. With spinach. And tomatoes and cheese and alfredo sauce. And BACON.

Oh, dear sweet bacon.

My tastebuds adore you, but my slightly-over-sized posterior, sadly, does not.

Except! When you're on this DELICIOUS pizza made by Lean Cuisine! (Who are, in my opinion, the heroes of the frozen-dinner world, as their stuff (mostly) tastes pretty darn good, has (mostly) no preservatives and is (mostly) reasonably priced. And Kroger is always having sales during which T and I pack our standing freezer so full it's ridiculous.)

And...bacon? No longer just a fat-filled, unrealized dream. Now a fully-realized, satisfying reality. In my tummy.


Do you partake of the food that is frozen? What are your faves? Any I absolutely have to try? (Keeping in mind that I'm violently allergic to basil, which, sadly, most of the best frozen dinners seem to have.)

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Sarah W said...

Looks YUM. I'll have to try it. There's no chicken on it, right? I LOATH chicken in frozen meals... half of it is always fatty, nasty bites (I find).

I'm picky, but here's one I really like from Lean Cusine: Szschuan Style Shir Fry with Shrimp. It's tad spicy & delish.

Written Permission said...

Sarah W: No chicken. I find the same thing you mentioned -- nasty, fatty, barely-chicken bites. Ew.

I've tried the Szechuan Stir Fry, and I do like it (I'm a big fan of the spicy), but I have issues with pasta in frozen meals. It always feels really gummy to me, and the sauce never seems to "stick." I'm a big fan of their flatbread sandwiches. Not so much their French bread pizza, though. Cardboard, much? Ugh.

wrestling kitties said...

mmmmm, that looks tasty! I am a fan of the lean cuisine frozen meals and tend to go towards the pizzas and sandwiches. I also like Smart Ones mac and cheese and broccoli alfredo. Delicious. I think my favorite frozen thing ever is the Santa Fe Rice & Beans. SO GOOD. I have tried all brands….even Meijer’s 99 cent brand. They all seem to be delicious.

P.S. I adore avocado. They (and by “they” I mean my husband who thinks he is a human encyclopedia) says your taste buds change every 7 years. It is an interesting theory because I HATED avocado just a few years ago and now I can just eat slices of it with nothing else. I am very happy it falls under the good fats.

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