June 1, 2010

An unusual embrace

I found this picture on another blog and kind of fell in love with it.

When I read a great book, or when I'm writing and really in the zone, or when I hear someone who is extremely well-spoken, I feel this way.

Embraced by words.

As though they themselves are embracing me, holding me, soothing and reassuring me -- completing something in me that, without them, sits unfilled. (I feel similarly about music.)

Words are always there.

At a time when so many people (especially young people) are learning to write in text-speak, when those of us who actually care about the written word and "doing it right" and "the rules" are seen as archaic and out of touch -- I love this image.

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Amber said...

Perfect post. I have the same feelings toward words and music.

And I refuse to send my son to a school that allows phonetic spelling. Grr.

Iris Took said...

Phonetic spelling? Say it isn't so!

Amber said...

It's true, unfortunately. My friend Dave's children went to an elementary school (in BG) that allowed phonetic spelling. Yuck.

the grumbles said...

i agree a million times over. phonetic spelling? oh HELL no.

...but that picture scares me. it reminds me of in haunted houses how they will blend themselves into the walls and then jump out and ATTACK!


Written Permission said...

It also kind of makes me think of the A-ha video for "Take On Me." :)

Ky • twopretzels.com said...

Phonetic spelling is only acceptable if you're writing in Spanish. Or if you're six.

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