January 14, 2011

The best and worst thing I've seen all week

Those moments, they come on out of nowhere.

The moments when I realize: I love living in a small town.

I was giving blood at the hospital earlier this week, and upon exiting my car, I was instantly stopped in my tracks by a truck parked adjacent to my unassuming little Honda.

I know -- at first glance it doesn't look like anything unusual. Black Dodge 4x4, lawn-care sticker on the gate, not-obnoxiously-oversized tires.

But such everyday, run-of-the-mill vehicle accoutrement were clearly not enough for this driver.

Upon closer inspection:

Oh, yes, ladies. Hold on to your girdles.


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Wendy said...

BARF! The flesh colored balls are the worse. Not that the silver or blue (hah!) ones that I've seen are any better. What kind of man needs to display swinging BALLZ?! Probably not a man who has much in the BALLZ department.

Written Permission said...

I think the wrinkles are the grossest part. Really? Did we need the wrinkles?

SO gross.

Summer said...

Uh. . . I just threw up a little in my mouth. That is so wrong.

Anonymous said...


Olivia said...

Oh trucknutz. Nothing says, "I'm a giant douche," quite like them.

wrestling kitties said...


I am laughing because I can just (stereotypically) picture the type of person who would put this on their truck because they thought it was funny.


And yes, the flesh (hate that word) ones are the WORST!

Mickey D. said...


SketchDon said...

A good pair of scissors would be best here. Just leave the wrinkles.

Anna@MetaMusings said...

I would like to assume that this truck belongs to a woman. It gives it a whole different meaning.

B. said...

Did it say "Git-er-done!" on the windshield, seems the same kind of person would like both.

It was funny the first time I saw them then they just got out of hand. I did see someone who had some large actual nuts on there, as in nuts and bolts nuts, that was a nice play.

Ky • twopretzels.com said...

My neighbor in Toledo had these same accessories hanging from his truck. Directly across the street from my house.

I loved to be greeted by a pair of pasty white balls every morning.


Trophy Life said...

these "accessories" (as ky referred to them) are DISGUSTING!! it makes me NOT want to look the person driving the truck in the eyes and i do NOT want to run into this truck driver in a bar offering to buy me a drink. and i would even be so judgmental as to cancel a first date if THIS guy showed up in my driveway. sorry. : (

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