March 10, 2010

Et tu, Corey Haim?

Aw. Apparently Corey Haim died of an overdose (possibly accidental) this morning.

I was in luuuuurve with Corey (clearly the superior of the two Coreys) back in the '80s. Oddly, my love began after I saw Lucas, in which he plays a geeky little kid, and not the much, much cooler License to Drive (speaking of movies that don't hold up).

I know he had a history of substance abuse, but it's just so sad to keep seeing people die this way. Especially this young (he was just 38). RIP, cuter Corey.

I bet reporters were FROTHING to get to Corey Feldman for a response. Vultures.

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Mickey D. said...

Yeah really, does anyone think Feldman is hot?

Such a shame all of these young actors have such demons. Definitely sad to see.

Iris Took said...

It's crazy that he is 38 - not that much older than we (well at least me) are and when we were kids, they seemed so much older and cooler.

No one thinks Feldman was hot. Funny yes. Even genius as Mouth.

It is sad that many of these famous people cannot deal with their fame.

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

I'm thinking this one was a long time coming. (Is that crass? I don't mean to sound insensitive.)

It's just that you absolutely CANNOT put your body through that kind or torture for that length of time and not expect a nasty result.

I feel awful for his fam and friends.

wrestling kitties said...

I agree, he has done so much damage to his body over the years and though this is so very sad it is not unexpected. I feel bad for his family. sad.

So, um, I totally thought Corey Feldman was hot.

Yep, I may very well be the only person besides his wife that thinks that but I had...maybe still have...a huge crush on him.

You know what I still LOVE him. Yep, I have a crush on Corey Feldman. THERE, I said it. I feel better.

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