March 22, 2010

Even on a Monday...

...a couple of things are still making me smile.
  1. Although my flowerbeds (and yard) are full of mud, #1) it isn't snow, and #2) green things are starting to spring up! For the second year in a row! Totally contrary to my inability to keep green things alive! Nature and I are finally allies! (This makes up a little for the avocado/sprouts debacle last week. A little.)

  2. Leftovers rock. I could probably eat this leftover asparagus (with garlic -- YUM) for the rest of my life without stopping. I don't care if I'm smelly until the end of time; it is tasty.

  3. Our lovely neighbors brought me a six-pack of my favorite Snapple beverage yesterday. In addition to enjoying its lovely flavor, I also enjoy the little factoids Snapple prints on the inside of each cap.

  4. A duck has three eyelids, BTW.

  5. Also, Barbie has a full name. It's Barbara Millicent Roberts. You are welcome.

  6. I have been eating everything in sight for a solid week, not getting enough sleep and not working out. It's life; it happens; I was prepared for the imminent weight gain and ready to work it all off again. But somehow, I've only gained one pound. Still not great, but wow, could it have been worse. I have developed a really unhealthy relationship with potatoes, and it's time to break up. Or at least start seeing other, non-starchy vegetables.

  7. Everyone is talking about March Madness. This is the first year in a long time that I've done a bracket, and I like actually having a (somewhat-informed) opinion about something sports-related. It feels like visiting another planet.

  8. My husband is cute. More on that tomorrow.


2 backtalk:

Iris Took said...

I totally had asparagus last night and it's fabulous. THREE eyelids? I don't really understand that.

Fun post.

Anonymous said...

They do have 3 eyelids, plus their quack doesn't echo. Camels have 3 eyelids and 3 stomachs. Oh, the wealth of info on the net!

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