March 8, 2010

Next on my list of people I want to smack...

...Antonio Cromartie, who's about to start playing for the New York Jets this season.

Let me clarify: Much to the everlasting chagrin of my husband (who identifies with the origin of the word "fan"--fanatic--when it comes to the sport), I couldn't possibly care less about football. I don't watch it, don't care about it, don't care if it's college or pro -- DON'T CARE.

But I do care about stupid people. Or I'm bothered by them, at least, which translates into...hateful caring? I don't know.


Antonio Cromartie was playing for the San Diego Chargers (the who in the where now?) and getting a lot of money to do it. He's 25 years old, he's in the midst of a decent career, life is good.

His response to all this good fortune? To have SEVEN kids with SIX different women in FIVE different states. (Did I mention he was 25???) Oh, and to be late on his child support payments. Even though he makes nearly $2 million per year. So, when the Jets traded for him, they fronted him $500K so he could tamp down the baby mama drama and go into the football season with a clear head. (See story here, where the author pretty much says everything I'm thinking.)

I know nothing about this man. I know nothing about his lifestyle or his other fiscal commitments. But it seems to me that if you're going to be irresponsible enough to spread yourself this thin (ew), you then have to man up and make your payments on time. Even with seven kids and six baby mamas, $2 mil should be enough. Make it work.

Oh, and then allow us to tell you about this thing called CONTRACEPTION. And its wiser, older sister named KEEPING IT IN YOUR PANTS.


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Sarah W said...

Yeah, um... you can buy a shit load of condoms for $2mil. Dumbass.

Iris Took said...

It kills me that these a**holes make all this money. They are a**holes before they are rich and famous, and guess what, they are even bigger a**holes when they are superstars.

And then we have super hard working, super patient, basically super heroes - people like school teachers that make nothing.

Sad. Backwards.

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

OMG. I am laughing out loud. SO hard.

(I love you and I am SO glad you have a blog.)

And, I'm with you. This whole post is awesome.

What a tool.

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

(I went and read the article you linked to, as well. Funny stuff.

On a very solemn and serious note, WHAT an injustice to his children. SEVEN children in SIX different states. I'm in awe. It's vasectomy time.)

SassyTimes said...

I'm glad Two Pretzels linked me to this. I'm laughing hysterically and agree 100%!

What a tool.

Mickey D. said...

What a pig. Clearly he needs to take a page from the Tiger Woods' book on having lots of sex with lots of women and not siring a child. (that we know of, I suppose.)

At least the Jets know how to be good baby daddies. But unfortunately that's probably what has happened to him his whole life - he messes up and someone else has to fix it.

I love that you said you have "hateful caring" for football. Hee hee!

wrestling kitties said...

totally agree and totally on the list of people who needs a good smack!!

Actually he deserves a smack in the face and a kick to the junk. So gross

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