April 22, 2010

Google rules

I imagine it must be exciting and inspiring to be one of the designers working on the Google logo. Love today's for Earth Day:

(I'm sure the designers there have the same annoying experiences as designers/writers at any corporation. But come on. This is, at least, different from your typical Helvetica Bold design. Ten Pennies, I wonder if they're told, "I need something that says, 'Earth.' And that really pops. Go." Heehee.)

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Sarah W said...

AHAHA! Awesome.

I read something once about how Google encourages their employees to spend 20% of every day doing non-work related stuff... like playing ping-pong or surfing the internets. (Like everyone doesn't do that already.) Google claims this policy makes their people more creative, inspired and happier. Right on, Google! They also have free food everywhere, all the time. So I've heard.

Google is the shit.

Sarah W said...

Oh, BTW, that links to the person who has "tenpennies"... I have "ten-pennies" :)

Written Permission said...

Embarrassed? Why, yes, I am. :) Sorry, Ten Pennies! Fixed now...

Also, glad to hear that Google lives up to the hype! We once had a bag of hoagie buns in our kitchenette with a "Take One!" note. Not quite up to par.

Ky • twopretzels.com said...


And yes, my cousin works at Google. It's ALL that it touts itself to be .. and more.

(Including free massages.)

Mickey D. said...

Hahahah! Free hoagie buns! Hahahah!

I don't know, WP, perhaps you're expecting too much from the workplace. That's a mighty generous offer. How many free hoagie buns do you think you're going to get in life? Not many.

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