April 13, 2010

Things children should never sing (or talk) about

  1. Their "baby" (presuming they don't, you know, actually HAVE an actual baby; kids are starting young these days, is all I'm saying)

  2. Their "lover" (ew, ew, ew, ew, ewwwwwww)

  3. Their "shortie" (and I'd like to go on record as saying that no one, of any age, should ever call anyone this) (that goes for "lover," too) (ew)
In other words, Justin Bieber needs to think about a new career. Or at least consider choosing different songs.


Shouldn't he be on a playground right now, and/or playing Atari or whatever it is the kids are doing nowadays? {Rocking chair creaking as I rise to yell at the neighborhood kids to get off my lawn}

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Sarah W said...

I have never heard of this kid, but seriously, WHERE are his parents?

Obviously, I don't listen to what the "kids" are listening to these days. [Rocking chair creaking alongside yours!]

Mickey D. said...

Or he should at least put his "singing" career on hold until his balls drop.

He looks like a toddler.

You're absolutely right, those topics should be off limits. He should be allowed to sing about basketball and how much he loves pizza and nothing else.

Iris Took said...


wrestling kitties said...

HAHAHAHA! Between the truth behind this post and reading "balls drop", I am seriously cracking up! nice

I never heard of this kid until SNL. I was so excited to see Tina Fey hosting and then in every other skit there was some 10 year old pretending to sing or act. Seriously, it was WAY past his bedtime and I had no clue what he was doing on the show. I REFUSED to watch any skit he was in as I assume it was stupid anyways.

Seriously, where are his parents?!?!

WP, I would LOVE to bring over my walking stick and sit on the front porch with you so I can shake my stick at these young whipper snappers. And then we can play Atari after that.

Written Permission said...

WK, I am totally in. Come on over. I'll mix up the Metamucil and we can take turns telling the neighbor kids that their music is too loud.


Ky • twopretzels.com said...

I just spit I laughed so hard.

"BALLS DROP"???? OMG. How hilarious!?!?

Ky • twopretzels.com said...

I am STILL laughing at "balls drop".

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