April 22, 2010

I've gotta say it, LOST writers...

...I was disappointed with the way you FINALLY got Sun and Jin back together on LOST this week.

I mean, after all these weeks of searching and trials and looking forlorn, they just...see each other across the beach? And then share crappy, cheesy dialogue? And then are immediately arrested by the latest batch of Island Crazies?

Very disatisfying. And a disservice to two of the most likeable characters on a show filled with unlikeable characters (Jack, I'm looking at you).



Also, as I was telling Two Pretzels last night, if Claire's hair doesn't stop resembling the schmutz I yank out of my shower drain once a month, I may have to start boycotting her scenes altogether:

It makes me itchy.

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Sarah W said...

I totally agree on both accounts. I must say, LOST is impressing me at all this season. They better step it up... or risk being remembered as just another great show that puttered out.

(we must both be on our lunch breaks)

Sarah W said...

er... IS NOT impressing me, I mean. Oops :)

Ky • twopretzels.com said...

Ugh, per our discussion: that Sun/Jin reunion couldn't have been less eventful. Blech.

And, I laughed out loud about that Claire/drain comment.


This season is really struggling, if you ask me.

I'll bring it up again: THAT WELL.


the grumbles said...


that is all.

Trophy Life said...

ugh. i'm totally with you. the jin/sun reunion was less than admirable. the music was horrible and the dialogue sucked!! also, i'm WITH YOU ON Claire's hairdo.
don't you find it funny how kate's hair hasn't become dread-locked, but look at nasty Claire; she's cute too (when they had alt-reality claire, i wanted to touch her hair).

Lacie Irish Oatmeal said...

Dear lord! Is that even the same actress from season one?! (Can you tell I haven't watched in a while...)

Quiet Oasis said...

HER HAIR IS DRIVING ME NUTS. It totally looks like they tried way too hard. I guess that's the only way to make a pretty girl look "crazy."

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