May 11, 2010

And in non-celebrity non-news...

Appropriate follow-up questions to the above "news" "story" from
  1. Uh, who is Colin Hanks?
  2. Seriously, who is he?
  3. Whoever he is, he looks emaciated. What's up with that? Can I give him a sandwich or something?
  4. OK, so he's Tom Hanks' son. Has he done anything on his own? Is he a good actor? {Pause while everyone laughs hysterically.}
  5. So, why is this news?
(Also kind of sad: Tom Hanks' first wife is now apparently officially known as...Tom Hanks' first wife. Because having your own identity is totally overrated.)

3 backtalk:

Sarah W said...

Heheheee... funny. :)

When I see Colin Hanks, I think of oranges. I think he was in a movie called Orange County or something. Let me Google it...

Ha! Yes, I was right! Man, it's weird how my brain remembers random crap like that.

Iris Took said...

YES! I always think of Orange County and I liked it actually. Ben Stiller has a great cameo in it.

He was also in King Kong (terrible).

Metacognitive Musings said...

I think he needs to join us at Pei Wei sometime so we can give him a good meal. :)

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