May 26, 2010

People I Want to Smack: Next up, Katy Perry

Her new song, "California Gurls" (...ugh) includes the lyric:

Sun-kissed skin
So hot, we'll melt your popsicle

It's so bad, it nearly made me drive off the road.

Katy Perry is not only annoying, she's dangerous.

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wrestling kitties said...

After Jenn read this post she put her head down, closed her eyes, and shook her head in disapproval as a heavy sigh exited her body.

Ky • said...

A.) I love how you found literally the most un-flattering photo of Katy Perry out there. WELL DONE.

B.) She's gross.

C.) I love that I live in Mexico and my radio station options are limited to all-Mexican all-the time. (What up, Shakira.)

She's ew.

Sarah W said...

Is she a singer? Ahh, the joys of Sirius... I NEVER have to listen to shit.

You need to invest. It's well worth it. You too, Kylee. :)

I think I saw her on a zit cream commercial once.

Mickey D. said...

Ha! Sarah W, you did. Sell out!

WP, you have my Written Permission to smack her. (you like what I did there?)

She's insignificant.

Written Permission said...

WK: Word.

Ky: I WAS searching specifically for a hideous picture of Ms. Perry. Thankfully, there were many to choose from. :)

Sarah W: I DO have XM/Sirius -- that's where I heard the atrocity! Ugh. Maybe I just need to pick better stations.

Mickey D, I bow to you, my friend. Well done. :)

Sarah W said...

What station do you listen to? Seems as though I already avoid it, but I just want to make sure. ;)

Written Permission said...

Sarah W, I usually rotate among all the 20s (I have XM vs. Sirius, so the numbers are probably different -- even though they're all one company, their channels are still different). So I get the smattering of awful pop songs like Katy, but still get to hear some good new stuff and some decent older stuff. I also like the decade channels, but I feel like those are more hit-or-miss.

Am I missing some gems? :)

Humberto said...

Why critique the beautiful people? I'm sure you all thought "Manic Monday" was deep the first time you heard it, too.

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