May 25, 2010

Yes, THAT Kevin Costner

So, apparently, Kevin Costner is brilliant or something.

According to this article:

Kevin Costner has devoted 15 years and approximately $24 million dollars into developing a cleanup system that could help oil spills.

The “Kevin Costner Solution” has a unique way of sifting oil spills, which could potentially stop the spill altogether.

BP and the U.S. Coast Guard are planning to test six of his stainless steel centrifugal oil separators next week.

"It certainly is an odd thing to see a 'Kevin Costner' and a 'centrifugal oil separator' together in a place like the Gulf of Mexico," said actor Stephen Baldwin, who is producing a documentary about the oil spill and Costner's device. "But, hey, some of the best ideas sometimes come from the strangest places."

Yep. The same guy who showed his bum in Dances with Wolves, protected Whitney Houston (and chewed massive amounts of scenery) in Bodyguard and made the atrocity that is Waterworld (irony?) is going to save the ocean.

Here's another article that includes this awesome subtitle: "Will Kevin Costner Save Us All?"

Let's not get carried away. This is still the guy who played Frat Boy #1 in Night Shift.

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wrestling kitties said...

HAHAHA! Who knew?! Certainly not this girl.

Well at least someone is doing something good with the money he has made, so kudos to him.

(How nice it would be to have $24 million to devote to some cause)

Iris Took said...

For a second (and when I saw this picture), I thought there was going to be a Baywatch movie starring Kevin Costner.

Sarah W said...

Wow, how great! I love it when rich people do good for the rest of us.

Did you know Kevin Costner also has a country band called Modern West? They're not bad.

Ky • said...

I love the idea of this.

And I love how low-key and under the radar celebrities are. I mean, "The Kevin Costner Solution?

You barely know who funded the project...

I'm sorry, but the LAST thing I want is for an ACTOR to save the world. It would confirm that actors should have political stances and I'm hugely against hearing about their political views.

Except for Alec Baldwin. I love him.

(Note: I love Field of Dreams.)

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