May 27, 2010

What's the furthest you've ever traveled?

"What's the furthest you've ever traveled?"

Really, random question assigner?

This…is not an excellent question. It’s potentially a one- or two-word answer. And why “furthest” as opposed to “most beautiful” or “worst” or “smelliest, but also coolest”? Bad random question assigner!


  • Furthest: Probably Vancouver (I haven’t as yet, unfortunately, ventured across the pond)
  • Most beautiful: Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs (sigh)
  • Worst: Detroit (more specifically, the Detroit airport)
  • Smelliest, but also coolest: New Orleans (parts had the absolute worst garbage juice smell, but come on: New Orleans is awesome)

Thankfully, only one more of these randomly-assigned questions, and then we're on to everyone else's!

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