May 28, 2010

Between you and me and that tree over there...

I confess.

I'm a killer.

If something green is growing, I will treat it like that big cartoon character, petting and loving it and calling it George until I've "loved" it to death.

I'm hoping that 2010 will be the year I turn over a new leaf. (I'll wait while you stop laughing at my awesome pun.)


Because if I can't figure out how to NOT kill green things, we'll have wasted a lot of money. Money I could have used to buy shoes.

We started out with something it'd be hard for even me to kill: some juniper bushes and a magnolia tree.

The sidewalk area leading to our driveway has always been a problem. The idiots who built our house (tellingly, they went bankrupt shortly after selling the houses on our street) decided it'd be a good idea to just spread gravel on either side of the sidewalk, ensuring no grass would grow, and rendering it nearly impossible to install any kind of flowerbeds.

Finally, I came up with a solution: Let's stick with the rock theme and just do a rock bed with some strategically-placed planters so it still looks like things are growing there.


And even though I planted them myself, miraculously, THEY LIVE! (Below: snap dragons, asparagus ferns and dahlias)

I also bought hanging baskets and plopped them in the two smaller planters -- I'm hoping the vines spread out a bit in the rock bed:

And...drum roll, please...HERBS!

Bolstered by my adventure at Herb Daze (heh), I decided I had to give it a try. Thus, I'm now the proud mama of some starter oregano, dill, garlic chives, thyme, parsley and rosemary:


I've been reading up on how/when to harvest -- we'll see how it goes this weekend. (I'm intrigued by the idea of freezing herbs in olive oil.) Wish me luck...

And since we've actually had a proper spring this year (vs. skipping straight from winter to summer), EVERYTHING else is blooming like crazy.

Our insane, wild lilac bush that I refuse to trim because I love how crazy it looks:

The one surviving Lily of the Valley I planted last year -- it hasn't bloomed yet, but at least it's ALIVE:

Some kind of geranium that I think is just gorgeous:

Our out-of-control rhododendrons:

And, and, and! Our pear tree is finally bearing fruit!

Hooray for growing things! And for me (hopefully) not killing them this year!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, y'all.

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65 Roses for Marcia said...

It all looks good! And I'm very proud of you for trying the herb garden!!! I usually dry my herbs and freeze in jars, but the olive oil sounds fun too. Tell me more...

Kendra said...

Wow!! It all looks so beautiful! I am insanely jealous of your lilac bush. Ours is huge and overgrown and hardly blooms any more. *Sigh*

36x37 said...

Aw. Your garden is sweet. I'm very impressed. :)

Where did you get your camera? Or are you just that good a photog? Do tell...

Written Permission said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone!

Ky, I am scared to show you photos in a month, because everything may be dead by then. :) But of course I'll oblige.

65 Roses: I'll post the olive oil thing on my blog this weekend! I'll have to find it again online...

36x37: Ahem...allow me to plug my Motorola Droid. :) I used it to take all of the pictures on this blog, by and large! It has a great camera -- makes even me (an extreme novice) look like a pro. :)

Humberto said...

A. The "petting" creature's name is Gossamer, a favorite of mine.

B. Helpful hint, take a liter sized plastic bottle, fill it half way with water, put upside down in planters (couple of inches down) and when it dries out it will auto'lly water your plants for you. Repeat.

Good luck

Iris Took said...

You are awesome! I need to you come over and teach me the ways of the force.

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