October 12, 2010

All I have back there are some stray Cheerios and a flyswatter

A family in Buffalo had the above painting hanging out behind their couch for 30 years, then pulled it out and did some research on it. Turns out it could be a Michelangelo original worth $300 mil.

It had been hanging on the wall, until one of the kids knocked it down with a tennis ball in the '70s.

Why don't I ever find anything cool when I clean behind the couch? I don't even find any pennies; I'm pretty sure Murray eats them.

(Relax, he doesn't eat pennies. He only eats dimes. He's a high-roller.)

(I'm wondering what it says about me that, when T was telling me about this story and said, "Guess what this family found behind their couch after 30 years?", my first thought was "A dead missing relative?" I'm thinking it's time I stop watching Hoarders.)

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wrestling kitties said...

WOW, that is crazy! This story could motivate me to start cleaning the places that are NOT visible in our house....currently if I can not see the area (like behind or under the couch) then I imagine the dirt can not see it either so it must be clean.

I wish someone would lose a $300 million painting in OUR house

AthenaBee said...

I like that it fell and no one picked it up. My kind of people.

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