October 15, 2010

I miss you already, vacation.

And now, a brief lament...

My vacation is drawing to a close. And I find myself actually grieving the loss of this time.

It has been so wonderful, so relaxing, so freeing to simply take each day as it comes without worrying about all the responsibility of work.

Hanging out with my girlfriends (the relaxing effect of hours of talking cannot be overstated).

Playing cards with our neighbors:

(Kim is hiding from our dogs' noxious farts; it's a constant problem in this house. But the girls MOPPED the FLOOR with the boys, which made all the stinkiness well worth it.)

But best of all, spending time with the boys (one of whom is behind the camera here):

I'm really going to miss this vacation come Monday morning, when I return to my cubicle and hear the loud talkers in the next aisle and jump on that first conference call and (ugh) wade through two weeks' worth of missed e-mail.

But the truth is...I need to work. Not just because we need money to live: I need to have that in my life, that connection to work I am passionate about -- outside my home.

I like my job. I like the people I work with. It's a wonderful, flexible, mostly-stimulating (and sometimes frustrating) job that, ultimately, I am extremely fortunate to have.

So although I am grieving the end of these LOVELY two weeks...I wouldn't make this a permanent vacation, even if I could.

Have a great weekend. I intend to make the most of what's left of my "freedom." :)

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