October 19, 2010

Photo Flashback Tuesday

I was digging around in old photo albums (OK, boxes with random photos -- I'm not organized enough for albums) this weekend, and I found this:

A few observations about this picture:
  1. Who was in charge of my hair on this day? Apparently "Rat's Nesty Braids, Plus Barrettes" was a viable 'do back in 1980. And I rocked it.
  2. Please note my expression of "Um, yes, may I help you? Genius at work here. Very busy. Shoo." According to my mother, this expression surfaced often. (And probably still does.)
  3. I was apparently a very trust-worthy three-year-old, since I was left to my own devices with not just the cookie cutters but the 50-pound, solid-wood rolling pin. Clearly a future executive at work.
  4. Check out that *awesome* '70s wallpaper! Go, Grandma!

To continue the photo flashback goodness, I promise to share a picture of a costume from my youth sometime during the week before Halloween. Be assured, it'll be incredibly embarrassing -- my costumes were always awful. :)

(Bonus points to anyone who shares their own photo flashbacks this week. Don't make me stand alone in Humiliation Corner.)

3 backtalk:

wrestling kitties said...

LOVE IT! Love the expression! I feel like kids today with our digital cameras, no wallpaper, and cute clothes are not going to have fantastic photos like this. Sad.

And I am on it! I am ALL about posting awkwardly adorable pictures of myself as a child! It is like my thang :) But first I need to scan them in....I should have it up in a week

Running Chatter said...

I must say. . . this picture is adorable. . . really, adorable.

Ky • twopretzels.com said...

YOU are the most precious thing EVER. Craig saw this picture on facebook and was like, "DID YOU SEE THAT CUTE PICTURE???"

Adorable, you sassy little thing.

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