January 16, 2010

"Chuck" is stupid but Adam Baldwin is foxy

I don't know if any of you watch the show Chuck; since it narrowly escaped being canceled, it would seem unlikely that you do.


We watched the first two seasons, and thought it was cute and funny and quirky. This season...not so much. We watched the first three hours (two-hour premiere plus another hour) and...eh.

The whole premise is that a nerdy schlub inadvertently becomes invaluable to the U.S. government and, although he has no skills to speak of, gets dragged around with a bunch of super-spies, one of whom he falls in love with.

And the other of whom is Adam Baldwin. Who, besides being dreamy, is amusingly grouchy and looks as though he could crush a man's thigh just by looking at it while tenderly brushing your hair away from your face and feeding you grapes.

Not that I have ever daydreamed about this. I'm just saying.

Something tells me that, if I do end up watching the entire season, he is going to be the only reason.

3 backtalk:

Metacognitive Musings said...

Yeah, he's OK looking. :)

Lacie Irish Oatmeal said...

Have you ever seen the Firefly series. A good series, cancelled far to soon. His character is somehow nefarious and adorable at the same time.

wrestling kitties said...

I have to say that even though I do enjoy the show alot, once he got the new intersect in his head that gives him all the abilities I was kind of like....really?! I mean just being the goofy nerd who has flashes was one thing but now him being able to fight just isn't as cool. T&I are hoping he loses these abilities soon and goes back to the way it was! Still going to watch and see where it goes!

I also LOVE Adam Baldwin. I watched firefly and when I saw that he was in the show I was hooked. I may or may not have had the same daydream, but with chocolate covered strawberries. He really is dreamy.

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