January 25, 2010

Pupdate: The innocence you're about to see masks a deep-seated orneriness.

One of our favorite things about Bubba and Murray is how much they love each other. I mean, they LOVE each other. To the point where they're either wrestling together, teaming up in the pursuit of the Holy Grail (people food), whining in unison to go outside or watching the door (side by side, of course) for potential intruders.

(Re: the latter: They have a deep-seated hatred for the windchimes in our across-the-street neighbors' yard. About 50 times a day, they scare the crap out of us by barking suddenly and loudly, and racing to the door. Just as we're convinced that a serial killer with a chainsaw is about to kill us all, we remember the windchimes.)

And, of course, their favorite-est tandem activity: snuggling.

You will never convince these two that sleeping is a one-dog affair, and that personal space is a necessity. They NEED to be together.

And now, the individual shots.

Murray, in his Glamour Shot (for which he didn't even need to go to a mall and pay ridiculous amounts of money and put on truckloads of makeup -- not that I ever did that in the early 90s...):

And, in my favorite picture this week, Bubba attempting to convince the world of his innocence and simple desire to just be loved and snuggle with his favorite brother, and that he has NEVER, EVER taken things (like used Kleenexes, which apparently are SUPER tasty) directly out of the trash can and left their shredded remains all over the floor:

(Apologies for the grainy cell phone pics.)
(Also, to echo Two Pretzels's comment about Ferg: We do not pose our dogs. Well, occasionally we do. But this isn't one of those times.)

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Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

I feel that these pups are precious. AND, I love that these two best friends love each other AND you and your husband.

I was afraid to get Ferg a dog because I didn't want her to love me less. Now I just know that I can't handle one more dog. (Can you imagine flying with two dogs, a baby and a husband and two laptops and a stroller and a car seat? Now that I think of it, what's one more dog?)

Hug to you.

Those boys are beyond precious.

(It made me smile that they loathe wind chimes.)

wrestling kitties said...

I love your dogs and think they have such a fun personality! They seriously are too cute.

I also am a huge fan of the "I am innocent, I swear" picture. Our cats have a bunch of those and then when the camera is not out we see them jumping up on the entertainment stand, grabbing at our food, and doing all the stuff they shouldn't be doing!

Metacognitive Musings said...

Bubba's expression seriously could melt the coldest of hearts. They are both adorable!

P.S. I ALWAYS wanted to do glamour shots in my pre-teen years. It was the coolest thing ever. I might still consider doing it if they were around. :)

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