January 15, 2010

Grrrrrr... (Alternate title: Get Over Yourself, Kitchenette Police)

This morning I got some hot chocolate in our office kitchenette. It was hot, it was chocolatey -- exactly as advertised. Even better, it was free (thank you, my employer!). No complaints.

When I was finished, I didn't have time to wash out my dirty mug. So I took it to the kitchenette, ran some water in it to let it soak and left it there for about two hours until I had a chance to wash it.

When I returned to the kitchenette...it wasn't there. A quick search behind the coffee canisters and in the cupboards turned up empty. No mug.

My first thought: "Why would someone want to steal a dirty mug?"

On a whim, I glanced into the (giant, filled with people's leftover food detritus) trash can.

Someone threw away my mug.

I'm assuming someone saw it and was so affronted by its dirty presence in the sink that they were PHYSICALLY AND PSYCHOLOGICALLY UNEQUIPPED to either leave it there or simply move it out of the sink.

Whoever that someone is...is my new enemy.

Am I wrong in thinking this is unspeakably rude? I understand the kitchenette is a shared space, and perhaps I violated that by leaving a dirty dish in the sink for two hours vs. immediately washing and removing it. But is the appropriate response to THROW AWAY SOMEONE'S PROPERTY?

I would argue: no.

I debated posting a snotty note on the bulletin board in there, but then I remembered how that went over for Pam on The Office and decided against it.

In short: Boo.

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Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

I am appalled! This is treachery, if you ask me.


I agree that the perpetrator has to be emotionally unequipped.

This is insanity. If it were me, I'd write a note. (Does everyone know it's your mug?)

Anonymous said...

Oh...the nerve....!!!

Iris Took said...

That sucks! We have a note permanently posted that anything left OVERNIGHT is subject to being thrown away.

That person is anal beyond belief. Sorry about your mug - I hope it wasn't too sentimental.

That would annoy the SH*T OUT OF ME! I might start a Jack Bauer style interrogation if I was you.

Dri said...

Ridiculous! SERIOUSLY?!?! I would have been pissed beyond belief...

Because I'm curious - did you get it out of the trash?

wrestling kitties said...

That is seriously ridiculous. Someone needs to chillax* a bit. She is also probably the one who throws away other peoples food that has been left in the fridge for longer than a day or has a fit when crumbs are left on the counter. Bitch be crazy.

*I have never written the word chillax....I don't think it is as cool as when I say it. But it is pretty darn cool when I say it:)

Metacognitive Musings said...

I love the fact that your decision making was influenced by the Office. If only we could remember all the important lessons that show has taught us, the world would be a better place. :)

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