December 1, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: SNOW!

I love, love, LOVE snow. And today it's those big, fat flakes that look especially beautiful and peaceful coming down.

I'm feeling rather sick today, so the sight of the snow falling outside my home office window is making me feel slightly better.

Well, that and the comic relief provided by a certain four-pawed member of the family:

Hey. Dogs need to be snuggly warm, too.

(Yes, I know they make dog Snuggies. It's just funnier to see him stuffed into ours. :))

7 backtalk:

Trophy Life said...

aaaahhaahahahahaaaahaha!!! so cute. and, for the record, i would love me some snow right now.

Summer said...

I, too, and loving the big, fluffy flakes. I'm sorry you are sick. Feel better, friend!

. . . oh, and the snuggy? Priceless.

Erika Jean said...

lol to the dog, and YUCK to the snow ;-P

Nadja said...

I concur with Erika Jean. YAY DOG! boo hiss snow.

Ky • said...

I'm jealous of the flakes.

And that last picture?


Sarah said...

YAY SNOW! I love it. When I look outside and see the 1st snowfall of the year I get all giddy and excited!

wrestling kitties said...

HAHAHAHA! That is the BEST picture! Oh your puppies crack me up!

(I loves the snow too.)

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