December 27, 2010

How to make Christmas dinner, Written Permission-style

  1. Buy a ham, making sure it is both A) fully cooked and B) NOT sweetened with honey, brown sugar or any other manner of sweetener, so it is actually consumed and not ridiculed by Mr. WP.
  2. Throw ham in the oven. If there are no directions on the label, guess. (It's fully cooked already; what could go wrong?)
  3. Make versions of your favorite side dishes that require almost zero cooking prep or time. In fact, if you can throw it in the microwave and call it a day, you're on the right track.
  4. Take ham out of the oven, pronounce it "done" with absolutely no justification for doing so and toss it onto the table with your quickie side dishes.
  5. Stab ham with giant knife before serving, just because it looks cool.

  6. Mash on everything on the table, because while it might have only taken 15 minutes to make most of it, holy wow is it tasty.
  7. Eat ham sandwiches until March.

5 backtalk:

Erika Jean said...

Ha! I like your style!

Ky • said...

Omg. That looks awesome. I want that meal.

(The stabbed ham is an awesome touch.)

Trophy Life said...

i've gotta admit - the FIRST thing i noticed was the knife in the ham.

the 2nd thing i noticed - was that Mr. WP does not want his ham to include a honey/sugar coating.

and, lastly, i very much appreciated that you did not mess around with the formality of wasting more dishes just for the sake of presentation; hence, the original pots and pans!


Summer said...

Buying fully cooked ham. . . genius.

Saving on using serving dishes. . . awesome.

Unsweetened ham. . . perfect.

Knife in the ham. . . priceless.

Iris Took said...

Mr. WP and I share the loathing of honey ham - I want it to taste like ham and not sugar!

Nice work on stabbing the ham.

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