December 2, 2010

I am a winner!

While the world may not always agree?

The eminently fabulous Couple More Hours, being eminently fabulous, is giving away one of her gorgeous handmade button-eyed dolls. (Haven't checked out her etsy shop? You really owe it to yourself to go there NOW. Her stuff is handmade and SUPER cute.)

I entered to win, and I requested "Bessie," a sassy little blonde with two of the aforementioned button eyes and a kicky flowered dress and leggies. I chose her because she's a cute towhead like my beautiful niece, and Bessie was my beloved late grandmother's name.

I never win anything. But lo and behold, late last night, the Twitterverse delivered unto me the news.

I won!!

My niece, who will be the recipient of little Bessie this Christmas, is totally going to flip.

THANK YOU, Couple More Hours, aka Wendy! I can't wait to meet Bessie in person. :)

4 backtalk:

Wendy said...

Aren't give-a-ways FUN!?

Mickey D. said...

Darn it! I was one entry ahead of you. I was the bridesmaid, not the bride. But, you won for a good cause - your niece's happiness. I guess that's nice :)

Isn't it amazing how fun it is to win things? Congrats!

Nadja said...

Oh yay! I was hoping you'd get one for your niece!!

wrestling kitties said...

As the owner of one of Wendy's fabulous dolls, your niece will love her! YAY for being a wiener...I mean winner! :)

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