December 16, 2010

Thursday Doodlefest

Work is crazy-busy.

It's almost Christmas.


For some reason, I decided I needed to knit presents for several of my family members. (When did I think I'd have time for that, again?)

AND we have our first Christmas celebration of the season on Saturday. And it' a water park. (More on this later.)

In other words: Free time is just not something I have a lot of these days. And, sadly, writing lengthy, meaningful, thought-provoking blog posts is nearly last on my priority list.

(I'm sorry.)

Which is how we've ended up here: The Thursday Doodlefest.

I had some particularly grueling conference calls this week, and sometimes, you know, you just need to doodle to keep from falling asleep. (You know you do it, too.) In the absence of any other ideas for posts, please allow me to invite you to my GALLERY OF ART (in all-caps because it is THAT IMPORTANT).

Brief disclaimer: As will become immediately evident, I am a horrible artist. I choose to believe this makes my doodles extra charming.


1. Goofy Face No. 1

Right away, there are a few troubling elements. What is the mood of this person? He/she is smiling, but the eyebrows are cocked like "I might be smiling ironically!" The nose and the chin, obviously. And maybe most worrisome: Where is the rest of his head? Is he just a face, floating in the ether? Yes. Yes he is.

2. The Flower

This is a mainstay of my doodling repertoire. Mostly because it's kind of hard to mess up a flower. For some reason I always draw them very vine-y and/or droopy, and I always, always, ALWAYS draw one of the petals larger than the others, which then necessitates the heavy outlining and "shading" you see here.

You officially have my permission to tattoo this on your ankle. Or your right boob. (The left boob is just trashy.)

3. The Portrait

On the right: Frankie the Frankenstein ring.

On the left: An artist's rendering of the aforementioned Frankie. Yes the proportions are amazingly incorrect. But I think the likeness is remarkable. At the very least, this is good enough for a missing person's report or something, should Frankie ever be ringnapped.

4. Goofy Face No. 2 (Now with more warts!)

As with the first face, you'll note the distinct absence of any outward facial definition. This is a profile shot, so obviously we've reached the Intermediate level of Goofy Face Drawing. Key skills to master: One giant eye (giant eyebrow optional); completely ridiculous nose wart (with hair); freckles (naturally); rotting teeth in apparently-cavernous mouth (bonus points for ambiguous expression). Check, check, checkity-check.

5. Goofy Face No. 3

At first glance, it probably looks like we've taken a step back in the Goofy Face hierarchy. But I would argue that the glasses, the crossed eyes and the artfully-missing tooth in No. 3 set this Goofy Face apart from the rest. If only in a "Wow, she really wasn't kidding about the not being able to draw AT ALL" kind of way.

And besides, without the simplicity of Goofy Face No. 3, how would you ever appreciate the piece de resistance that I like to call...

6.Dog-faced Potato Girl!

Pretty sure this was one of those add-on drawings. Like, I drew a squiggly shape, and it kind of looked like a potato, so I added eyes to the body. The I drew a face, and it came out looking kind of dog-like, so I played up the nose, added wavy, hairy ears and sunglasses (obviously).

The hands and feet were probably added because, without them, it just looked like a dog-faced girl in a potato sack. And that's depressing. Although I'm not sure her tiny T-Rex arms are much of an improvement.


In other news: This whole post was dumb, and I apologize profusely. Unless you found it entertaining, in which case: You are welcome. :)

3 backtalk:

Summer said...

Personally, I found this entire post highly entertaining.

I love that I can come to your little space and just laugh. . . out loud. Love it!

You are quite the artist. I'm sure we can do some sort of psychological testing on why you draw your flowers like that. I'll refrain, though. ;)

Trophy Life said...

i had NO clue you were this talented. well, this is what i was thinking all the up until the potato head woman thing. that just weirded me out (i'm just being honest). but up until potato woman, i was behind you.

wrestling kitties said...

From one doodler to another, I think these are pretty darn great!

Oh, and incase you didn't already & your posts make me smile

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