February 23, 2010

Stuff on My Desk: Frankenstein Ring

First: Wow. This is the blurriest picture ever in the history of Stuff on My Desk. (Like how I made it sound like an actual thing? With a history?) Sorry about that. My camera stinks.

This is the most recent addition to the Stuff on My Desk. Well, if you consider Halloween "recent."

Shortly after Halloween, our neighbors had us over for dinner and highly-contentious card-playing.

Well, highly-contentious for the husbands. (We always play boys against girls; playing as couples is a recipe for divorce, or at least an evening of not speaking to one another.) Not that the girls always win. It's just that the boys CARE a lot more about winning than the girls do. So when the boys win, we're still having fun. But when the girls win, it is PERSONAL. Sigh. Boys.


This little plastic gem was perched atop our dessert: leftover Halloween cupcakes. Subsequently, he was also covered in frosting. And I will readily admit that I licked the frosting off his face. Which could be why the white paint on what are supposed to be his teeth is kind of...chipped. So I'm probably suffering from lead poisoning, too.


Once he was (reasonably) clean and free of sugary food coloring, I gave him a place of honor on my middle finger and resumed our card game.

During which Frankenstein managed to get in the way while I was dealing (his giant head made it REALLY hard to shuffle), but I refused to take him off because we were winning, and I liked smooching his little green face for luck before I picked up my hand each time.

And because it annoyed the crap out of our husbands, and that always amuses and pleases me greatly.

When the evening was over, I couldn't quite bear to part with little snaggle-toothed Frankie. (Who, to me, looks like he's a member of Archie's Gang rather than a monster hell-bent on terrorizing torch-bearing villagers. Seriously -- what is with that hair?)

So now he lives on my desk, and every now and then I slip him onto my finger during an extra-boring conference call and smooch his tiny face and wish for a fire drill. So far, Frankie hasn't delivered.

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Shannon, you crack me up...

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