February 18, 2010

Hummus + Spicy = Oh, dear Lord this is good

Our neighbors brought this spicy gem to an impromptu dinner party (inspired by all the snow) earlier this week.

If you like hummus (yup) and love spicy (check), this is simply fab.u.lous. I pretty much hijacked the container at dinner and then growled at anyone who tried to take it from me.

The hummus on its own is great -- I'd never had Sabra before, but it had a good, smooth texture (I'm a big texture person) and tasted, well, like good hummus. Not too garlicky, not too lemony, not too...tahini-y.

And then, in the middle, you have this fabulous spicy red pepper mix, with all the pepper juices running around the perimeter of the hummus and setting off the milder chick pea flavor with bursts of eye-watering spicy goodness...drooooooooolllll...

Suffice to say: I likes.

And: I hear tell that Kroger (even our back-woods, country Kroger) carries it. You'd better believe that, as soon my car emerges from the dreaded white stuff, I'm out the door to pick me up some.

Oh, and also: In looking for the picture at the top of this post, I discovered that apparently Sabra ALSO makes a little snack-sized version, complete with little pretzel crisps for dipping. How cute are they? LOVE.

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Trophy Life said...

uh - i LOVE this stuff too. Sabra is my FAVORITE brand of hummus - no other will do. last time i was in Sarasota, they had a jalapeno pepper flavor that had chunks of the jalapenos and was EVEN BETTER than this extra spicy version (well, better to me). i have not seen these little snack packs, but you better believe i'd have on in my purse at all times!!

Iris Took said...

My mouth is watering - Sabra is my favorite and all varieties are good. The roasted red pepper is sooo delicious. I love the pocket flavor blast in the middle.

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

When I move back to the States, I just know that I am going to be SHOCKED and FLOORED by the myriad of food options.


(P.S. How do you use, "myriad"? I hate to say... "by the myriad food options." Although correct, it just doesn't feel right.)

wrestling kitties said...

oh, sounds delicious!!

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