February 24, 2010

Pupdate: Sleepover

We've been babysitting our neighbors' dog, Romeo. (He's the white boy.)

There's been a lot of snoozing going on at our house the last few days.

But they've also had some fun:

Sounds ferocious, yes? Trust me: They lurve each other. And you won't find three wussier dogs than these.


(For some reason I elected to film the dogs in the tackiest-looking three-foot section of our house. Ick. Please believe me, it doesn't all look like that.)

5 backtalk:

the grumbles said...

dogs are awesome. look how cute!

Iris Took said...

I like that you called him a white boy.

Trophy Life said...

THOSE pics are adorable. i like them bundled up in their blankies.

Lacie Irish Oatmeal said...

Your dogs are wonderful. (Do they tuck themselves in?!)

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

Oh come on. How cute are they? Is anyone ever the odd man out? Groups of three are tough, no?

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