February 17, 2010

Jumping on the 30-day Challenge bandwagon!

I think I may have mentioned in an earlier post that I've recently (as in the last five months or so) lost a decent amount of weight. I say "decent" because, frankly, I have a fair amount I still want to lose.

And as I said yesterday, life of late has not exactly lent itself to motivate me to work out.

So I decided I needed a little kick in the pants.

My issue: I hate talking about losing weight. I don't mind at all when others do, but for some reason, it has historically lessened my resolve to stick with it when I talk incessantly about what I'm doing, and how it's going, etc. I have no idea why this is -- I'm sure there's some deep-seated psychological reason I'm just not aware of.


I've hit something of a wall lately. I've had good progress so far in my overall weight loss, but in the last month, my weight has stayed relatively the same. I'm happy I haven't gained anything, but I'd like to bust through this latest plateau. I've tried changing up my workouts, and I'm not willing to starve myself, so...

Kick in the pants.

So. Taking the lead from Wrestling Kitties/Weighty Issues, I am now starting my own 30-day challenge. I'm hoping this will motivate me to really stick with it, try new things, drag myself out of bed even when it's just sooooooo cozy in there...

The goal, in line with WS/WI, is to work out at least 6 days a week for about 30 minutes and at least once a week for about an hour. So far, it's going pretty good:
  • Sunday: Walked/jogged with dogs at the dog shelter for two hours
  • Monday: Shoveled snow for 30 minutes (ugh)
  • Tuesday: Elliptical for 30 minutes and toning-type exercises for 15 minutes

I say all this today when, this morning, I slept in. Until almost 7:30. Which gave me zero time to work out before I had to start working. So I'll either be working out this afternoon or making up the time another day this week. (It's making me a little tired just thinking about that.)

BUT. I will do it. I am in it to win it. I think this will be a great motivator, and I think it'll be good for me to break my self-inflicted "wall of silence" about weight loss.

So... Viva la revolution! (of weight loss)

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65 Roses for Marcia said...

Good for you WP!! I think I may need to do this when I get home from AZ...ALL we have been doing is eating! (Gelato every night too)But that's what you do on vacation!

wrestling kitties said...

YAY!! I think the more of us the better we can all motivate each other! I don't know about you, but I feel like I can NOT let anyone down by not exercising...it has really been the kick in the ass that I need.

I think it is fantastic that you have lost weight, great job! I agree, up until this blog I really kept my mouth shut about weight to many people because usually I lose steam and stop working out and stop losing weight and just feel bad about myself. But I am actually getting motivated hearing other people stories and successes, it makes you feel not alone and good to have positive support!

And shoveling snow SUCKS but is a nice workout. My arms and back hurt for a few days after I did that.

Kendra said...

Yay, way to commit! Aimless Oasis and I have resolved to do the same, and I'm so excited you are too!

When I miss my regularly scheduled workout (for whatever reason) I like to pull out Winsor Pilates. It's low key, but intense, so I get a good workout in without dripping sweat. (Which I despise, by the way.)

Go, Shan!

Iris Took said...

I think it is hard to talk about when it is yourself, but blogging is easier and we are all here to support each other.

Kendra, how funny is Mari Windsor? Do you have the sculpting circle?

I will join the Revolution as soon as my sickness clears up - shooting for next week to pick up my P90x again.

Congrats on your progress so far
!! You can do it!!

Josey said...

I missed my workout yesterday (Wednesday) as well, but I did double this morning to make up for it and it felt GOOD. Go get on the elliptical with a good magazine and some amped up music and "just do it!"

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