February 20, 2010

I really don't get it.

My husband is obsessed with curling. As I type this, he is watching women's curling--WHICH HE RECORDED, so as not to miss a moment of the goodness--and he is shouting (shouting!) at the TV.

I get watching it for the goof factor. I mean, there is sliding. There is sweeping. There is yelling and screaming and going, "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Whoa! Whoa! WHOAAA!!!" There are the uber-serious faces of everyone involved. Several of the women on the U.S. team look like they're perpetually on the verge of tears, for some reason.

But seriously? Isn't this just shuffleboard, with ice and squeegees?

(T just rewound to show me "an amazing shot," wherein an American knocked the other team's game piece thingie off the target area. It looked exactly the same as every other shot I've seen since he started watching this. He then told me, "That chick really knows how to throw a stone." I desperately wanted to work in a "That's what she said," but T doesn't watch The Office and it didn't really make sense, anyway.)

All I know is, it isn't normal to be able to slide from one end of a sheet of ice to the other, pulling off a snappy little about-face, in loafers. If nothing else, I have to admire the balance required to do the sliding/sweeping. I would be on my ass in 3.2 seconds.

On the other hand, if I got to wear these pants, it would totally be worth it:

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Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

A. Those are GREAt pants.
B. It made me laugh that during the NBC coverage Matt Lauer mentioned that the training regime for the curling "athletes" was drinking beer and standing.


Dri said...

I would be sitting right beside the hubby watching it and yelling at the TV. I enjoy curling.

I enjoy the strategy, the balance, the way each person on the team has a specific job, and the way they yell makes it excited.

AthenaBee said...

I love how into it your husband is. I figured there must be fans SOMEwhere.

wrestling kitties said...

My husband LOVES curling as well. Four years ago my husband said that he would compete in the 2010 Olympics in curling. I asked why he wasn't in the Olympics this year and he said he got busy but NEXT winter olympics he will be there....he said he doesn't have to be fit and he can drink so training won't take long because he is really good at shuffle board! love it.

I enjoy curling alot because I think those people would be fun to hang out with and it is SO ridiculous it is awesome...however I still don't understand the rules but thats ok!!

Iris Took said...

I would enjoy curling more if I knew the rules and more trivia. I met this guy over the weekend who, also, was OBSESSED with women's curling. He told me that they stones are made from granite from only one part of Scotland among other facts. The he says....

"Plus any sport that has women sweeping brooms what fast...I mean, sign me up!"

Iris Took said...

PS I CLEARLY cannot type today. DER!

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