February 11, 2010

Um, what the crack is this?

Because US Weekly is calling it a "Hot Pic," and I really, really, really beg to differ.

Or else my idea of "hot" needs updating to include chrome onesies and pointy devil gloves.

(And yes, I just said "What the crack." My mother's friends read this blog. I don't want it getting back to my mama that I said "hell" for all the world to see. Oh, dammit.)

5 backtalk:

Iris Took said...

She looks like a space shuttle. A slutty one.

AthenaBee said...

Adults never pull off the onesie look. She looks like a weirdo. Why did Jennifer Lopez get crap for a much more normal looking onesie?

Anonymous said...

I'm telling...

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

Wow. Is that bullet proof? Or is that like one of those t-shirts that has the fake tattoo sleeves?

That Fergie.

Someone needs to tell her that she looks like erratic-futuristic barbie.

wrestling kitties said...

I have one in hot pink....it looks much better than that stupid one. Though it is a bitch when you have to take a piss.

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