July 9, 2010

Green! Stuff! Update!

When I first began my foray into hopefully NOT killing green things for one season, things looked promising.

I had five planters full of robust, healthy, flowering awesomeness, several flowerbeds' worth of flourishing greenness and a bucketful of misguided confidence.

And my good friend Two Pretzels, in her infinite wisdom, challenged me to showcase my wares in a month's time.

Well, it's been several months since last we left my green growing things, and reviews...are mixed.

The yellow flowering hanging baskets I turned into planters are, surprisingly, flourishing!

As long as they get water, they bloom constantly and are vining their way across the rocks with abandon.

Shannon: 1; Plant Curse: 0

The tiger lilies I got from our massage therapist last year finally bloomed, and are (as I keep telling T, because it annoys him) growing like gangbusters!

Two points for me.

Of the two big planters full of flowers, I planted one and T planted the other. One of them is a total rock star; the other looks as sad as...Lindsay Lohan's eye makeup.

Want to take a gander at which one is mine?



If you guessed that the amazing, bountiful #1 is mine and the scraggly, depressing #2 is T's, you would be...correct! Against all odds, I have become a winner in the game of Plants! So even though one of the planters is dying and sad, I am still ahead.

I wish I could have taken this next picture about a month ago. The dill and chives (and the parsley, for that matter) were so huge, they were falling out of the planter. What, you don't see them in this picture?

Oh, that's because they're NO LONGER THERE. It's hard to see in this picture, but there are now two gaping holes where the dill and the chives used to be. We got so much rain (and apparently our non-existant drainage system was a big fail) that the entire planter flooded, and everything started to rot.

So, I dug the two big holes for added drainage, and transported the rotting herbs to these sad little pots:

Since I took this picture (over the weekend) the dill (far left) has turned to toast. The lavender (middle) and the chives (right) are hanging in there, but it's touch and go. At least I got to make a bunch of awesome dill sour cream dip before the massacre.

Overall, I'm calling this one a draw. Which, since other years I've killed absolutely EVERYTHING, I'm saying still means I've come out on top.

Suck on THAT, nature! We are friends and you know it!

5 backtalk:

Sarah W said...

"Suck on THAT, nature!" HILARIOUS!

Good job! The rain killed your herbies, not you... so I think you totally win.

Wendy said...

I'm a black thumb, no doubt about it. I kill everything. You've done well this year! Way to go!

wrestling kitties said...

Nice Job!!! I think you have some fabulous looking stuff there! This is the first year our plants have actually grown as we usually do a great job of killing things off too. However this year I have SO MUCH basil and mint I have no idea what to do with it b/c I figured half of it would die!

I LOVE those tiger lilies!

Maura said...

Hahaha "gangbusters" - now THAT's a 50s term that deserves a return to greatness! I think we can make it happen...

Ky • twopretzels.com said...

Ohh! Thanks for the update. And I LOVE the pot/crock that has your last name on it. It's fantastic.


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