July 20, 2010

Nocturnal visitor

(I just realized that this post title kind of sounds like a euphemism for my period or wetting the bed or something. For the male and squeamish among us, be assured: it isn't either of those things.)

We live in the country.

The sticks.

The boonies.

T and I both grew up in the country, and after a few years of living single in the city and then as young-marrieds in the suburbs, we decided to return to our roots. The reasons were many, but in truth, almost all of my desire to live in the country has to do with three things:
  1. Seeing the stars on clear nights
  2. LOTS of peace and quiet
  3. The sights, sounds and smells (for better or for worse) of nature and/or wildlife

We have the first two in spades. It's absolutely lovely. We have an especially great view of our back deck, and all of our neighbors, while very nice, are thankfully far enough away that we can't hear each other without shouting.

As for the wildlife, up until now our experience has been limited to the occasional rabbit's nest, your usual flocks of birds (shudder) and one unfortunate rat-in-the-garage incident that I'll tell another time to give it its proper due.

Then Saturday, T and I walked out the front door to walk the dogs, and saw this on the side of the house:

Do you see how he's looking at me?

A tiny tree frog! On our house! Peering up at me with tiny, tree-frog eyes! LOOK AT HIS AWESOME FROG TOES!

(I love frogs.)

Much to T's horror, I immediately scooped him up in my hand, and he hopped tentatively up my arm before launching himself desperately back onto the side of the house. (I tried to get a picture of him in my hand, if only for scale, but the little dude wouldn't stay still.)

Last night, we again venture out front to walk the furry ones, and we see...FIVE tree frogs clutching the siding desperately.

T believes this means we are infested. I choose to believe that word has spread about how awesome and one-with-nature we are.

Let's just hope word doesn't spread to the arachnid community, because nothing shatters the quiet solitude of the country like a grown woman having a panic attack and throwing pots, pans and appliances at a tiny, scuttling evilness.

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Amber said...

That is so cool!

I grew up in the country, 12 acres, creek, trees, river, no neighbors, etc., but never saw a tree frog! We had snakes, turtles, deer, rabbits, squirrels and turkeys, though!

P.S. I physically ache to move back to the country. I'm rather jealous of you!

Written Permission said...

On my way to work today, I passed another house with a huge gaggle of turkeys in their driveway. I'm assuming they weren't pets, but you never know around here. :)

We do have a LOT of deer -- it's rather frightening when we're driving. And when they run by our house when the dogs are out and for a moment they think they are Big!Game!Hunters! Silly, sheltered puppies.

Metacognitive Musings said...

I think if you have to be infested with something tree frogs are the guests to have! They are so cute!

wrestling kitties said...

I agree, I would think tree frogs would be the best infestation...well except maybe cute furry baby bunnies! I think they are so cute, you know in an amphibian kind of way :)

I love that you said gaggle.

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