July 30, 2010


As I mentioned yesterday, my trip to Fabulous and Exotic Delaware (...) was actually a good, productive one.

But three days of traveling, migraines and very little sleep = Crankypants McGillicuddy for yours truly.

I'm fairly certain I told T to "bite me" at one point last night before I passed out.

(Sorry, honey.)

What made me happy this morning: Looking through my phone and finding this picture I took of my room service Wednesday night. (Because these are the moments you want to capture for all of eternity.)

Do you see how the salt & pepper shakers, not to mention the ketchup and mayonnaise, are teeny weeny, and yet the food itself is HUGE beyond all reason? (That cheesecake was ridiculously good.) And that I had my own little vase of flowers for ambience? For some reason, all these things made me happy.

(Incidentally, I had to beg and cry and moan to convince Room Service to make me that grilled cheese sandwich, since it only existed on the kids' menu. As I mentioned, sick WP = regressing to childhood, which apparently includes whining to perfect strangers until I get my way.)

I really need to convince T to start buying everything in miniature (and to set up a special telephone hotline so he can bring me food on demand) so I can replicate this joy on a daily basis.

But first, I need to apologize for calling him a poopiehead for absolutely no reason.

(Did I forget to mention that the poor man cleaned the whole house while I was gone, just so I could come home to lovely, fresh-smelling awesomeness? I know. I'm a horrible wife.)

Anyway, here's to a great weekend filled with lots of Zs, a fair amount of groveling and the banishment of Crankypants McG. I hope it's great for you, too. :)

3 backtalk:

Iris Took said...

That picture is hilarious!

wrestling kitties said...

Um, for the record my annoyed and cranky alter ego is Crankypants McGee! I also respond to Baby Jennie. I use to think the later was a cute nickname my husband came up for me, but then realized it was not because he thought I was cute like a baby but rather whiny like a baby....whatever.

In march I spent the weekend at a hotel in Cincinnati as I didn't want to stay with T. and his friends in a "boy" house. I ordered breakfast one more and got the mini ketchup and salt & pepper. It seriously MADE MY DAY! I refused to open the ketchup and it may have found its way into my bags so I could take it home! Miniature stuff is great. And that telephone hotline is genius!

(That cheesecake looks awesome)

Biscuit said...

I'm absolutely infatuated with all things in miniature form. That ensemble up there is tearin me up!

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