July 22, 2010

NBX Vol. 2: Bacon, Mormons in love and disturbing cat poetry

Quite a few of you let me know you're totally down with this new feature, and maybe even find it kind of fun and awesome. Please feel free to continue expressing your delight. :) Woohoo! Onward!

(What the heck is this?)

  • Most awesomest blog name: Africansbacon (All one word, because of course it is. This blog appears to be about a youngish family in Africa working at some kind of school. I have no idea where the "bacon" reference comes from. It actually kind of creeps me out, so maybe we're better off not knowing...)

  • So-ugly-it's-fabulous-est blog layout: Green Family (This was a hard one this week. I chose this one because the colors and patterns made my already-bad migraine even worse, but the kids are adorable, so I sort of feel bad bagging on it. But now I'm over it. :))

  • Most random blog post title (and/or title that lends itself the best to double-entendre or horrible puns): To Whom it May Concern - "Yeah, I said man fast" (This really intrigued me, such that I really tried to figure out what it could possibly mean before I read the blog entry, ala "Eats Shoots and Leaves": "'Yeah,' I said. "Man! Fast!" or "Yeah, I said 'man!' fast." or "Yeah, I said 'Man Fast.'" Turns out it's the latter: the author wants a break from dudes. I think we can all empathize.)

  • Most engaging overall blog (for better or for worse): The Roberts Family (This Mormon couple posted their entire (extremely thoroughly-documented) relationship history on their blog as a he-said/she-said. I found it alternately fascinating, kind of cute and disturbing. Also a runner-up for the so-ugly-it's-fabulous layout award.)

  • Wild card: Most disturbing blog/post(s): CrazyMumma - "Leo" and also "Talking to the dead about your own death" (...yeah. So the author says right up front that her blog is kind of grim, dark and ugly with regard to subject matter. Mmyeah. At least she knows her wheelhouse, and she's sitting snugly (and grimly) inside. I read the first one and my thought process went something like this: "Hm, this lady is strangely expressive and a titch overly-dramatic...wait, what?...um...oh, maybe she means...oh. No. She's cuckoo-pants.")
(Let me know if you come across an awesomely-awful blog that must be shared!)

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the grumbles said...

i love this so much. i spent a few hours the other day at those mormon people's blog. it was weird but also... not horrible. but also, kind of horrible. it was like looking into a very different world. one where the blog is ugly.

anyway, i'm thoroughly enjoying.

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