July 14, 2010

New feature! Next-Blog-xtravaganza

Those of you with Blogger blogs (and those of you who read them) may already be familiar with "Next Blog," a teeny-weeny link waaaaaaaaay up in the top navigation bar.

Click it, and you'll be magically transported to...some other blog. (The term "next" seems like a misnomer, since clearly Blogger blogs aren't in some kind of set order, and you'll never get the same blog twice -- well, unless you're in one of those 1 million monkeys with 1 million typewriters scenarios, and then I make no promises.)

When I've run out of things to read on the blogs I already follow regularly, I often randomly click through to see what bizarro weirdness I can find. And while there are a LOT of similar blogs out there about extremist politics and exercising, there are also some blogs out there that are 1) awesome, 2) bizarre as all hell, 3) barely written in recognizable English, and 4) some combination of those three things. (Disclaimer: There are also extreme-political and/or running blogs out there that fit into all of those categories.)

So, since it's always fun to learn about new blogs (and since we're going through some stuff at the WP camp and I'm in need of some easyish blog topics), I've decided to create a new semi-weekly feature:


Try to contain yourself. (Super-cheesy graphic to follow with subsequent entries.)

Each week (or thereabouts), I'll use Next Blog to visit 10-25 new blogs, and I'll share with you, the eager reader, the winners in five categories (as judged solely by me, of course):
  1. Most awesomest blog name

  2. So-ugly-it's-fabulous-est blog layout

  3. Most random blog entry title (and/or title that lends itself the best to double-entendre or horrible puns)

  4. Most engaging overall blog (for better or for worse)

  5. Wild card (a new category of my choosing, depending on the blogs I visited that day)

So, in honor of bloggers everywhere...or something...I now give you my inaugural offering:
  1. Most awesomest blog name: i will destroy you (kind of a cool artist/comic book dude with an awesomely-named blog)

  2. So-ugly-it's-fabulous-est blog layout: LGB: Long Beach Airport Spotting and News (the plain dark-blue background and white/bright green text makes me think of the old DOS programs; not so nice on the retinas, ye-gads)

  3. Most random blog entry title (and/or title that lends itself the best to double-entendre or horrible puns) : HeaRts: Blog entry title, "Hellow Wellow!" (I don't know why, but this made me laugh for five minutes)

  4. Most engaging overall blog (for better or for worse): Don't Eat the Baby (also awesomely-named, but it was so much fun to read that I thought I'd feature it here)

  5. Wild card: Most disturbing profile photo: Vicarious Moses (also a runner-up for best name, but seriously? This photo? And how great is it that he calls himself "Alvin 'The Tiger' Moses"? I love this guy.)


Do you like this? Hate it? Think it's pointless? Let me know. I'll more than likely keep doing it anyway, but at least I'll know if you hate it. :)

6 backtalk:

the grumbles said...

this is a REALLY fun idea, LOVE.

Wendy said...


Sarah said...

I use the "next blog" button every so often, it's fun, and this is a great idea!

Running Chatter said...

I LOVE this idea!!

Ky • twopretzels.com said...

Oooh. Yes. I DO love this. Yay!

wrestling kitties said...

I like!

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