July 19, 2010

Moments That Remind Me I'm Old, Vol. 1

Conversation overheard between two young girls, about 9 years old, at the public pool this weekend:

Girl #1: I love these Silly Bandz!

Girl #2: OMG, me too! {Yes, she actually said "O-M-G."}


(Girl #1 steals a glance at a group of 9-year-old boys getting ready to vault off the diving board)

Girl #1: I have to do something about this.

Girl #2: For real?

Girl #1: Uh, yeah? Totally? I can't just, like, sit here or whatever!

(Girl #2 fist-bumps Girl #1)

Girl #2: You go on, girl!

(Girl #1, bolstered by these words of encouragement, walks slowly by the group of boys, makes eye contact with one of them and exchanges shy smiles, then scurries, giggling, back to her friend.)


When I say moments like this remind me that I'm old, I don't mean that I can't remember being a "tween" and acting this way around boys.

In fact, I remember it so well, I had to turn around in the pool to hide the fact that I was giggling to myself.

What made me feel old? The moment I realized that my last "tween" experience happened more than TWENTY YEARS AGO.


I pick up my walker with the tennis balls tomorrow.

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Iris Took said...

HAHAH! Tennis balls.

Silly bands really are an enormous craze all over the country. At the boardwalk on the jersey shore, they were in all the crane games. I even found a few under my bed at the house we rented.

Written Permission said...

Iris, they are also in every single gas station I've been in during the last two months. What ARE they?! How does such a craze spread so quickly? Kids these days and their new-fangled intertubes...

Amber said...

According to Yahoo, they started in T-town. Although I have it on good authority the man behind the Bandz never graduated from Owens:


Amber said...

If I get some time today, I want to rewrite this to reflect my tween years in the late 80s.

Gotta remember our slang and replace 'OMG', 'for real', 'whatever', etc. Also have to think of what the 80s version of a fist bump was!


Metacognitive Musings said...

:) Love this blog.

And I'm proud to say that I am owner of 4 silly bandz. :) I'm starting to trade if anyone is interested.

wrestling kitties said...

I didn't understand a dang thing these kids said in this post. I am just going back to watching Murder She Wrote on TV now

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