December 16, 2009

Do you think my husband would notice if I moved back into a dorm with all my friends from college?

This weekend, my bestie, B., and I baked cookies and had a slumber party.

We are 32 years old.

But once we were in our jammies and the Christmas music was wailing and flour was flying -- we might as well have been 18. Again. (OMG -- that was practically 15 years ago! Ugh. Moving on...)

Speaking of jammies, much squealing ensued when we discovered we were wearing the same pajama pants:

Wal-Mart: Making it possible to be a twinkie with your BFF, for less!

Here's B., with said cookies, in her cute kitchen:

And a close-up of the creations (pre-icing):

Anyway, no real story here, except that we baked tons of cookies, talked our faces off and had a MAR-velous time. It was a lovely girl-time retreat.

Just like college! Except we went to bed at 10:30, because we both had to work the next day. Boo for reality. :)

2 backtalk:

65 Roses for Marcia said...

I was just wondering about that one cookie...

Iris Took said...

Cute!! Sounds like a blast! Pajama pants rule.

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