December 23, 2009

Seriously, what is wrong with people?

"Authorities have said Mendez admitted setting Brewer on fire. According to an arrest transcript, the boy said he made a 'bad decision.'"

That's from this story about three teenagers who poured alcohol over another teenager's head and then set him on fire. The kid has second- and third-degree burns over two-thirds of his body (the picture above shows some of his injuries) and will need surgeries, rehab, months of recovery. As one of his doctors said, this was a life-changing event.

Supposedly, the dispute was over $40, a video game and a bike.

Honestly. What is wrong with these kids?

I refuse to think things like this can simply be blamed on violent video games, TV and movies. Right? This sadistic behavior with seemingly no regard for consequences? Being able to SET SOMEONE ON FIRE and then say you simply "made a bad decision"?! Where does that come from? How do you get to that place?

I really don't get it.

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wrestling kitties said...

This is sick.

In my opinion violent video games or movies have nothing to do with kids acting like this. THIS behavior is extreme and there is something wrong with a child who does this.

I believe that today parents have forgotten how to BE parents. They don't want to punish their kids because they don't want to be seen as a bad parent, they have become soft and want their children to be more like a friend and not their CHILD. It is ridiculous. Kids today seem to rule the household and because they are not shown discipline they do not relaize consequences for their actions. I am not putting all this on parents, as this kind of behavior is sick and a kid knows better, like I said a child who does this has problems. However, I do think parents today need to BE parents.

This is sad.

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