December 21, 2009

Oh, all right -- I GIVE UP.

So, I got a Snuggie for Christmas. (We celebrate early with my family.)

Those who know me know that I've been an adamant naysayer when it comes to the Snuggie. Their commercials are horrendous (even by "as seen on TV" commercial standards), and I feel like all the people in the commercial look like they're in a choir or about to join a cult.

The Snuggie is just goofy-looking. I mean, it's a BLANKET with SLEEVES.


As I type this, I am snuggled deep into my own personal blanket with sleeves.


It is freezing in our house (we gotta save money, yo), and I'm currently battling a 24-hour stomach flu I got from my niece this weekend (I don't blame her--she didn't force me to hold her and smooch her cute face constantly). This damn thing is so unbelievably comfortable. And comfortING. I feel better just cuddling up underneath it.

And the whole appeal of a Snuggie over a blanket (the aforementioned sleeves) are THE BEST PART. I'm working, and every part of me is toasty warm except my fingers. No more draping one blanket across my lap and another across my shoulders and somehow trying to keep them from falling off.

I'm a total convert.

Thank you to my awesome Grandpa, who gave me my royal blue Snuggie (just like the one in the picture above) and ushered me into the fast-growing cult (did I mention these look like cult robes?) of Snuggie lovers. Even I could kill someone with the static electricity generated by this thing, I still heart it.

4 backtalk:

Iris Took said...

I request a photo of YOU in the snuggie.

Amber said...

Awesome! I was so tempted to put a Snuggie on my Christmas list; I should've just done it!

On a side note, my friend's place of business gave all their clients Snuggies this year. I was kinda hoping he'd consider me a client.

AthenaBee said...

Use the static to your diabolical advantage.

Do Snuggie wearers make fun of Slanket wearers?

Written Permission said...

OMG -- what is a Slanket?!

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