December 22, 2009

How cute is this?

Since I'm feeling barfy (and, therefore, uninspired to blog) today, I'll instead direct you to the blog of one of my friends/cousins, 65 Roses for Marcia.

She made her own marshmallows this week, and I think that is really cool. I mean, how cute is this?

She even added crushed candy canes and dipped some in chocolate.

Once I can keep down something other than saltines and 7-Up, I'm totally going to try to make these.

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Dri said...

I can't decide if I loathe or love the fact that I've heard/read you say that you're barfy at least 6 times today. Barfy is such a.... well.... barfy word. :-)

Iris Took said...

That is cute - feel better!

PS Barfy makes me laugh because it reminds me of the dog that the Family Circus had.

Written Permission said...

Ha! Sorry, Dri. :) I guess that's what happens when I e-mail, Facebook and blog to the same folks. :) You'll be happy to know that the 24-hour bug has passed, so you won't have to read that word anymore! (Also, perhaps I need a thesaurus?)

IT: I totally forgot that was their dog's name! Ha! Awesome.

wrestling kitties said...

mmmm, looks wonderful!

(Hope you are feeling better)

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