December 18, 2009

Don't mess with Frank

I am shamelessly stealing this from Dave Holmes' other blog, but it made me laugh, so I don't care. :) (I've attributed it, so I'm in the clear, right? OK, cool. Moving on.)

Apparently, a Chicago Daily News columnist wrote a piece in 1976 about Frank Sinatra’s early arrival in Chicago before a scheduled show. The columnist described the cops constantly placed outside Sinatra’s hotel as "wasteful," called his entourage "flunkies" and accused Sinatra of wearing a wig.

Sinatra was none too happy.

He was so peeved, he wrote this letter, which I find hilarious and awesome. (It's short -- check it out.)

If you're interested, here's the full story about the (adorable) little old lady who paid $400 for the note back in 1976 and is now planning to sell it for around $15,000.

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AthenaBee said...

I adore Frank and I LOVED his letter.

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